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Northwood Residential Treatment Program

3232 Lay Springs Rd
Gadsden, AL 35904

Driving Directions

Northwood Residential Treatment Program is a clinically managed medium intensity (Level III.5) residential treatment program providing treatment for males between the ages of 12 and 18. The program is located on just over 72 acres of land on The Bridge - Gadsden campus in Etowah County, Alabama. Three distinct programs share the facilities, administrative and support staff services of the campus.

Northwood provides innovative, enlightened and evidence-based approaches to recovery for males (ages 12 to 18) struggling with substance abuse. An integral part of the program’s curriculum is the KIDS Journal System. These evidence-based interactive journals were developed by The Change Companies to assist youth in making permanent and positive life changes. Northwood Residential Treatment Program is a strong therapeutic program. Each week, clients receive 1.5 hours of  individual therapy, 7.5 hours of group therapy, and 3 hours of peer support group. They also participate in family therapy bi-weekly (or twice a month), recreational therapy, and daily participation in an accredited school program. In this residential setting, students learn the value of teamwork, positive interactions with others, and developing family relationships. The length of stay is determined by a client's condition and functioning.

Services: The program provides a combination of the following services as deemed appropriate by an assessment and treatment plan:

  1. Individual and group therapy;
  2. Medical and nursing services as deemed appropriate;
  3. A system for consultation or referral for identified treatment needs if such services are not available in the program and which includes close coordination of such services by the program and an effort by the program to arrange needed medical or psychiatric services by telephone within twenty-four hours of when the need was identified and in-person services within a timeframe appropriate to the severity and issue;
  4. Family treatment services as deemed appropriate; and
  5. Educational and informational programming adaptable to individual client needs and developmental status provided through an accredited school program.

Admission criteria: Before the Northwood program may admit a client, the client shall:

  1. Meet diagnostic criteria for a substance-related disorder of the DSM;
  2. Be at low risk for withdrawal symptoms or have minimal remaining withdrawal symptoms;
  3. Be physically stable but may have a medical condition that is severe enough to distract from recovery efforts or would be aggravated by continued use of alcohol or drugs or be psychologically stable enough not to require twenty-four-hour observation and care but may have a psychiatric condition that would be aggravated by continued use of alcohol or drugs; and
  4. The client meets at least two of the following:

    • The client requires repeated, structured, clinically directed motivational enhancement strategies not available at a less-intensive level of care;
    • The client has made previous attempts at a treatment program of lower intensity with an inability to remain sober or has been an active participant at a less-intensive level of care but is experiencing an intensification of symptoms of the substance-related disorders and the client’s functioning is deteriorating despite modifications of the treatment plan or there is a high likelihood that the client will continue to use or relapse without close monitoring and structured therapeutic services;
    • The client has minimal support for sustaining / beginning recovery in the client’s home or customary environment;
    • The client has experienced significant impairment in life areas that require a high level of intensity best accomplished as close to the client’s home community as is feasible; or
    • The client has experienced significant life traumas or stresses that require therapeutic interventions as an adjunct to addiction treatment to assure continuing recovery.

Northwood Residential Treatment Program is certified by the Alabama Department of Mental Health - Substance Abuse Services Division.

For a list of approved items you may bring to the program, click here.

You will also need to bring the Northwood Education Screening form available by clicking here.

For more information, contact us at:

Email: Northwood@bridgeinc.org
Phone: (256) 546-6324


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