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Tuscaloosa Outpatient Program

6001 12th Avenue East
Tuscaloosa, AL 35405

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Tuscaloosa Outpatient Program is located adjacent to the Tuscaloosa County Juvenile Court and Detention Center. The program is designed for youth between the ages of 12 and 18 who meet the American Society of Addiction Medicine's criteria for Level I or Level II treatment placement. The Tuscaloosa Outpatient Program offers outpatient, intensive outpatient, continuing care services and TASS, an evening reporting center. The service model is based on a blended therapeutic approach, drawing from four theoretical frameworks (Rogerian, behavioral, cognitive, and reality).  The program emphasizes an individualized treatment plan that includes the family unit as well as the adolescent.

Referrals are accepted from the courts, school systems, parents, and other community agencies.  A call to the Program to schedule a time for screening and assessment is all that is required. Following the assessment, recommendations by the therapist to the client and his / her family of the appropriate level of care will be discussed. The Tuscaloosa Outpatient Program offers four service tracks. The client will be assigned to the least restrictive service track based on the clinical needs identified during the assessment. Each track incorporates treatment strategies and methods that have been demonstrated to be effective in helping people who are abusing drugs or alcohol. Having multiple tracks of service  enables us to match clients to the most appropriate service level. 

The three service tracks are:

Adolescent Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient Program ):

This service track offers skill-building and counseling group services. The two primary treatment approaches in this model are skill-building and counseling groups. Skill-building is offered in a group format/ Groups are offered 3 times per week and last for 2.5 hours each. Topics include relapse prevention, life skills, self-esteem, family issues, recovery lifestyle, and recreation/leisure. Assignment to the number and type of skill-building groups is based on an individualized Master Treatment Plan for each adolescent. Group counseling sessions provide an opportunity for adolescents to discuss personal issues in a group format. Adolescents are encouraged to focus on how they can effectively deal with problems and issues in their lives, with peers providing feedback and relating the issues discussed to their own personal experiences.

ASAM Level II.1):

Intensive outpatient treatment is provided to clients requiring a primary, organized treatment program and who are able to establish abstinence and recovery within the context of the client’s usual environment and daily activities. This level of care is normally offered in the evening hours to facilitate a client’s ability to maintain the usual daily activity but may be offered during the day. The Bridge intensive outpatient treatment programs offer a minimum of nine hours of treatment per week for adults and six hours of treatment per week for adolescents.  The length of stay is determined by a client’s condition and functioning.  The program makes clients aware of emergency services that are available twenty-four hours per day seven days per week when the program is not in session.

Services: The program provides a combination of the following services as deemed appropriate by an assessment and treatment plan:

  1. Individual and group therapy
  2. Medical and nursing services
  3. A system for consultation or referral for identified treatment needs if such services are not available in the program, including close coordination of such services by the program and an effort to arrange needed medical or psychiatric services by telephone within twenty-four hours of when the need was identified and in-person services within a time frame appropriate to the severity and issue
  4. Family treatment services 
  5. Educational and informational programming adaptable to individual client needs and developmental status.

Admission criteria: Before an intensive outpatient treatment program may admit a client, the client must:

  1. Meet diagnostic criteria for a substance-related disorder of the current DSM; and
  2. Meet admission criteria for ASAM level II.1 outpatient treatment in all six ASAM dimensions and at least two of the following:
  • The client has few or no symptoms of withdrawal and presents only stable physical or psychiatric conditions;
  • The client expresses willingness even through coercion to attend all scheduled events; or the client has an environment supportive of recovery efforts or is able to be supplied with alternative supportive housing.
Continuing Care):

The continuing care track provides aftercare support services one time a week for clients coming out of a residential program or as a step down from outpatient or intensive outpatient track. The focus of continuing care is the maintenance of the clients' recovery plan and the development of a positive support system. Continuing care services include individual therapy, group counseling, in home services and case management services.
Evening Reporting Center (TASS)):

Tuscaloosa Adolescent Support Services (TASS) is an evening reporting center that offers an alternative for youth who would otherwise be committed to the Alabama Department of Youth Services (ADYS) or detained in the Tuscaloosa Juvenile Detention Center (TJDC). TASS operates Monday through Friday and can accommodate up to 30 participants, male or female, between the ages of 13 and 18. 
All staff members who provide direct services to adolescents are licensed (e.g., LCPC, LMFT or LCSW), certified (e.g., Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor), or working towards licensure or certification.

Tuscaloosa Outpatient Program is certified by the Alabama Department of Mental Health - Substance Abuse Division.

For more information, contact us at:
Email: TuscaloosaOP@bridgeinc.org
Phone: (205) 344-6483
Toll Free: (877) 765-4967


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