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Cullman Outpatient Program

402 Arnold Street NE,
Suite 104
P.O. Box 2426
Cullman, AL 35056  

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Cullman Outpatient Program  is designed for males and females, ages 12 to 18, who are at risk for, or are actively experiencing substance use problems. Referrals are accepted from the court,  school systems and other community agencies; however, participants do not have to be referred from such sources. A call to the Program to schedule a time for screening and assessment is all that is required. Following the assessment, recommendations by the therapist to the client and his / her family of the appropriate level of care will be discussed. 

The Cullman Program offers ASAM Level I outpatient treatment. Level I encompasses organized, non-residential services designed to treat the individual's level of clinical severity and to help the individual achieve permanent changes in his or her alcohol - and drug-using behavior and mental functioning.  To accomplish this, services must address major lifestyle, attitudinal, and behavioral issues that have the potential to underming the goals of treatment or inhibit the individuals ability to cope with major life tasks without the non-medical use of alcohol or other drugs. 

Level I has been expanded to promote greater access to care for dual diagnosis patients, unmotivated patients who are mandated into treatment, and others who previously only had access to care if they agreed to intensive periods of primary treatment. The expansion reflects recent knowledge of and experience with cognitive behavioral therapies such as motivational interviewing, motivational enhancement, solution-focused therapy, and stages of change work, all of which may be appropriate for patients who previously would have been turned away as not ready for treatment, or in denial and thus in need of coerced intensive treatment. 

Services: The program provides a combination of the following services as deemed appropriate by an assessment and treatment plan:

  1. A system for consultation or referral for identified treatment needs if such services are not available in the program and which includes close coordination of such services by the program and an effort by the program to arrange needed medical or psychiatric services by telephone within twenty-four hours of when the need was identified and in-person services within a timeframe appropriate to the severity and issue;
  2. Individual and group therapy;
  3. Family treatment services as deemed appropriate; and
  4. Educational and informational programming adaptable to individual client needs and developmental status.

Admission criteria: Before an outpatient treatment program may admit a client, the client must:

  1. Meet diagnostic criteria for a substance-related disorder of the current DSM; and
  2. Meet admission criteria for ASAM level I outpatient treatment in all six ASAM dimensions and at least two of the following:
  • The client has few or no symptoms of withdrawal and presents only stable physical or psychiatric conditions;
  • The client expresses willingness even through coercion to attend all scheduled events; or the client has an environment supportive of recovery efforts or is able to be supplied with alternative supportive housing.


For more information contact us at:
Email: CullmanOP@bridgeinc.org
Phone: (256) 775-8301


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