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Deciding to place your son or daughter in a treatment setting may be one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make. When your child is in trouble, your entire family is in trouble. The impact substance use and behavioral problems have on the family can be devastating. When you decide a treatment program is needed, the next question is which program best meets the needs of your child and family. Although many of The Bridge programs are under contract with state agencies, the programs listed below are open for self or family referral.

Contact us at (256) 546-6324 and together we will determine whether one of our programs might be an appropriate fit for your child and your family. 


                              Adolescent Residential Programs for Substance Use or Dependency                    

Northwood Addiction Treatment  Center: Gadsden, AL: 26-bed male program

Westwood Addiction Treatment Center: Mobile, AL: 16-bed male program

                              Adolescent Outpatient  Programs for Substance Use or Dependency                     

Cullman Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center

Mobile Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center

Tuscaloosa Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center

                              Adult Outpatient Program for Substance Use or Dependency                                    

Fort Payne Adult Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center


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