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The Change Companies

The Change Companies is pleased to partner with The Bridge in providing comprehensive and effective resources to adolescents in need of making positive and lasting life changes.

For more information on addiction and recovery, life skills and the process of change, you can visit the new resource web site for the Change Companies by clicking here.

What We Do: The Change Companies® is a national publishing, consulting and training company that works with leading industry experts to develop evidence-based materials that assist individuals in making positive and lasting life change. For the past 18 years, The Change Companies® has been assisting individuals in making permanent and positive life changes by creating evidence-based Interactive Journals. Our products and services are utilized in the fields of prevention, addiction treatment, impaired driving, criminal justice foster care, and behavioral healthcare. Our mission is to put the most effective tools into the hands of the end user who is working to make positive life changes.

Our Belief: All people have the power to change their lives for the better. Ultimately, any lasting positive change and life-skill development must come from within – it cannot be forced upon or granted to an individual from the outside. Still, while the real work of change must be completed by each individual, research demonstrates that the likelihood of success can be enhanced through support, structure and guidance. The Change Companies® develops tools to support this process of self-change.

How we Help: We are a partner with The Bridge in helping their client populations complete the work of change. Our Interactive Journaling® approach meets the youth where they are today and provides motivation, structure and continuing support for ongoing change. Rather than using a hodgepodge of pamphlets and worksheets that lack consistency and a solid research base, The Change Companies® offers a comprehensive range of proven materials to support The Bridge’s mission and organizational objectives.

Our collaborative efforts with federal, state and local organizations, coupled with our partnerships with leading researchers, enable us to provide diverse client populations with the most effective tools and strategies for positive change. Over the last 18 years, the Interactive Journals created by The Change Companies® have served more than 17,000,000 people.

What's Being Said About Us:

"The Change Companies®' curricula effectively integrate motivational enhancement and cognitive behavioral approaches to helping youth and families make positive changes. The Interactive Journaling® approach provides a challenging and thought-provoking framework for the clients to evaluate factors that contribute to their problems, and to learn and apply new skills. I believe these curricula are an asset to residential treatment facilities, correctional facilities and outpatient counseling programs."

                                                             Eric W. Trupin, Ph.D.
                                                             University of Washington 
                                                             Professor and Vice Chair Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences,
                                                             Director, Division Public Behavioral Health & Justice Policy

"True to its name, The Change Companies® continues to evolve and change, finding new ways to meet the needs of diverse client populations. Our collaborative work on recovery programs for women and girls, for example, provides much needed gender-responsive tools for a population that is often underserved. The Change Companies® not only brings structure and consistency to these programs, but also a commitment to creating quality tools that support and guide individuals on a journey of self-change."

                                                            Stephanie S. Covington, Ph.D.
                                                            Author, Clinician, Consultant

"Many of the clients we serve feel disempowered and hopeless. The Change Companies® widespread experience with Interactive Journaling® firmly puts the power back in the hands of clients who discover they no longer have to feel stigmatized and victimized. I am impressed with how The Change Companies' promotes active client participation and collaboration with effective and cost-efficient, affordable client materials."

                                                           David Mee-Lee, M.D.
                                                           Chief Editor, ASAM PPC-2R



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