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Drinking Is Worse Than Weed, Isn't It?
How would you answer if your teen asked you about marijuana being safer than drinking?

While some teens may argue that weed is safer than alcohol, research shows that teens don’t typically use alcohol OR weed; they use both, often at the same time — a dangerous combination.

The biggest impact of mixing marijuana and alcohol is the significant increase in impairment in judgment. The level of intoxication and secondary effects experienced can be unpredictable. Some people may be more prone to episodes of lightheadedness and fatigue.
Also, because marijuana is an anti-emetic (used to treat nausea and vomiting in medical situations), it may be easier to drink alcohol until dangerously high blood alcohol levels are reached, as the normal body defense of vomiting when drunk may be muted by the marijuana.

Tell your teen that you don’t want her to be doing anything that can harm her — whether that’s smoking pot, cigarettes, drinking or other reckless behavior.

Remain curious and ask your teen why she thinks weed is safer than alcohol.

From Partnership for Drug-Free Kids
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