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Dad, Mom, Did You Ever Try Drugs?
If your child asks: Dad, Mom, did you ever try drugs?

Here are some starting ideas for you can say if you did smoke marijuana or use other drugs when you were younger:

“I’m not going to pretend like I didn’t, and that’s why I’m talking to you about this. I will tell you that when I did smoke, my judgment was compromised and the only thing that prevented me from getting into some horrible circumstances was luck.”

You may want to point out some of the negative things that happened to you (or your friends) that you wish didn’t.

“And you may be thinking: Well, you did it, and nothing horrendous happened to you. I just want you to understand that these are chances you may take, and they are just that, chances. A lot of harmful things don’t happen to you because of your ability to make clear decisions. When you are stoned that ability is very much compromised.”

Here, you’re not only being informative but reminding her that marijuana and other drugs can impact her judgment.

Here’s what you can say if you didn’t smoke marijuana or use other drugs when you were younger:

“You may or may not believe this, but I never smoked weed when I was a kid. It didn’t have a place in my life, and would have interfered with the activities I enjoyed.”

Here, you’re explaining why drugs didn’t interest you. Your reasoning may have been that you didn’t want it to interfere with the activities you enjoyed; that you didn’t feel you needed to use to fit in; that you were turned off by the smell of marijuana; or any other honest reason that kept you from trying drugs yourself.

From Partnership for Drug-Free Kids
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